Cities 207. Topics in Urban Studies: History of Architecture and Urbanism in Philadelphia
Thursdays 2-5:00, Thomas 111; and certain Fridays, 3:00-4:00, Thomas 102
J. Cohen ( Office: Thomas 153. Office hrs: M 3:00-4:30

Working Calendar

  Thursday class Friday class  
19 Jan.
Intro: Questions, models. Tale types.
Resources. Logistics.
Goals, Structure.
  Read to c. 1830 in Tatum, Penn's Great Town (1961) or O'Gorman, Drawing Toward Building (1986).
Penn Symposium on BOOM: New Architecture in Philadelphia, 6pm Monday 26 Jan.
visit Harriton, at 500 Harriton Road, Bryn Mawr. Meet there at 2:25 pm [mapquest link]
27 Jan.
3pm: class disc., Thos 102

Find, then read articles, chapters, that help contextualize what you've seen at Harriton. Write up.

In prep for next visit, look at on-line resources: PAB, PiT (esp Birch views, 1798 Direct Tax), HABS, David Rumsey maps of Phila).

   2 Feb.
visit 2: meet at 3:10, 2nd & Market St., Phila.
3 Feb. class disc., Thos 102 contextualizing readings, summary/response. Write up.
  • Articles in the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 1962-2005.
  • Some articles from the Winterthur Portfolio.
  • Articles in Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture.
 9 Feb.
Thomas 111: Discussion: tools; site evolution; contextualizing 18th c. architecture.
  18th c. team project, 2 weeks, 4-6 pp. & pres.
The Philadelphia Contributionship
Digital Archives
: fire insurance policies from the 18th.c (full text). [sample]
1798 Direct Tax Resources [sample]
16 Feb.
visit 3: meet at 2:55, on 10th, S of Market Street (near Market East), opposite St. Stephen's P.E. Church. (1st stop: w/i church).
17 Feb: class disc, Thomas 102  
  23 Feb.
Thomas 111: 18th c. project presentations (send ppt versions in on 22 Feb.; Written papers due on Monday, 27 Feb.)

24 Feb.:
3pm: office hrs for project.

After project 1 submitted on Monday: Complete 19th c. rdg in Tatum, Penn's Great Town or Drawing Toward Building. Look at images in Western Wash West on-line exhibit.
   2 Mar.
visit 4: 3:10, 13th & Walnut, to Spruce / Pine
[weather cancellation]
3 Mar:  no class (no contextualizing readings/response)

9 Mar.: Spring break


   16 Mar.
class: 19th c. city, developers and rows, research resources
  19th c. team project, 2 weeks:
rows, developers, through briefs, atlases, places, people.
  23 Mar.
visit 4: mid to late 19th c., southwestern Center City. Meet at 13th & Pine, 3pm.
24 Mar.:
Review of tools for project 2.
Thomas 102, 3pm
  30 Mar.
19th c. project presentations
   complete 20th c. rdg in texts
take home: 1 hr. exam, on Blackboard site Wed am, for handing in in class on 6 Apr.  6 Apr.
visit 5: suburban development, institutional and residential, 1880s-1930s. Around BMC w/ JMW and JT, 2:10-4:00. Meet in Thomas 111.
7 Apr.:
no class.
group project:
start to populate PAIR with images.
13 Apr.
visit 6: office, BF Pkwy, Penn Ctr. (meet at Clothespin, SWC 15th & Market, at 2:55 pm)
14 Apr: Thomas 102, 3pm.

20th c. team projects, 2 weeks:

(a) peripheral postwar settings;
(b) the tall pre-war office building;
(c) ranging a bit later, postwar residences within the city, 1945-80; and
(d) starting a bit earlier, the evolving suburb, 1880-1970.

  20 Apr.
visit 7: Modern and Post-, meet at 2:55 at 33rd & Market, West Phila.
21 Apr:
optional project 3 strategy discussions, Thomas 102
[JC in Savannah, 25-29 Apr.]

(27 Apr). rescheduled to Monday, 1 May, 2:30pm, Thomas 102 (if vacant, or we'll leave a note on the door).
Project 3 presentations, 20th c.

[Please email or get ppts to me on CD or other media by 2pm Monday, and I'll cue them up in advance.]


  Project 3 write-ups, due Monday, 1 May.

last rev. = 24 Apr. 06