Dated Buildings, City 06-255

to 1845:

dw0. 1786-87: Reynolds-Morris House. [door] [fanlight] [plan, from Murtagh. JSAH]

cm1. Old City Hall, Philadelphia [SC bench at South end] [interior] [West flank and Ind. Hall]

dw1. 1794-1805: Pennsylvania Hospital, central pavilion, Evans. [upper center]

ac1. 1796-1890: Wyndham, Bryn Mawr College. [south front]

mb1. Alexander Hall, Princeton [oblique view]

dw4. 1809-10: Franklin Row, Robert Mills. [angle view] [flank and rear]

bd1. 1819: James Wylie house, White Sulphur Springs, WV

dw3. 1827-28: Walnut Street Theatre, facade, John Haviland. [detail]

dw6. 1831-32: Portico Row, Thomas U. Walter. [oblique view] [porch] [flank] [rear]

bd2. 1833: Bed & Breakfast,

bd3. c. 1835?: Robert Frost, early to mid 19th c.

mb2. Miller Chapel

ac32. 1839: Trinity Church in New York (R. Upjohn)

mb3. L'ville House [close view]

1845 to 1895:

mth31. 1849: Prospect, Princeton, NJ (J. Notman).

lf31. 1856: Methodist Church in Lake Geneva, WI. [postcard]

lf33. 1861: Hamilton House

lf32. 1866: National Soldier's Home in Wood, WI.

ec31. 1874: President's House, Michigan State University (E. E. Meyers)

ec32. 1877: Wells Hall, Michigan State University

ac31. 1871-1901: City Hall, Philadelphia (J. McArthur).

dw31. 1872-76: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Furness & Hewitt).

dw32. 1879-1882: Ames Monument (H.H.Richardson).

lf34. 1880: Pedersen House

mb31. 1880: Edwards Hall-Princeton University.

mb32. 1880: Art Museum-Princeton.

dw33. 1883: Gravers Lane Station (F. Furness)

mb33. 1880s: Dod Hall-Princeton University.

mth32. 1891: Peddie Baptist Church

mb34. 1892: Alexander Hall -Princeton University.

mih42. 1891: Charnley House, Chicago (Frank Lloyd Wright).

mb35. 1890s: New York Botanical Garden Greenhouse-Bronx, NY

1895 to 1945:

lf41. 1895: Baltimore City College High School (Baldwin and Pennington).

ec33. 1895-97: Camp Sagamore, NY (owned by W.W. Durant, then Vanderbilts).

ae41. 1900: Buffalo Savings Bank, Buffalo, NY.

ec43. 1900: Main administration building, St. Clair, Columbia College of Missouri.

mb43. 1901: Storefront, Newport RI.

mth41. 1903: Riverside, California (Burnham, Bliesner)

lf44. 1905: Stadium High School (Hewitt and Hewitt).

mb42. 1906 or 1916: Post Office, Newport RI.

mb44. 1908: Vanderbilt YMCA, Newport RI.

mb41. 1908?: Caradines Field, Newport, RI (possibly earlier 1900s).

sd41. 1911-14: Walmarthon, St. Davids, PA (David K. Boyd). [rear terrace, tower detail, tower and wings, water wheel, gate lodge]

ec41. c. 1915: Botany & Zoology Building, Ohio State University.

mb4. c. 1915-20?: Witherspoon School for Colored Children.

lf42. 1916: Pembroke Estate (Long Island), demolished in 1968.

lf43. 1916: El Paso High School (Trost and Trost).

dw43. 1916-28: Philadelphia Museum of Art (Horace Trumbauer, C.Clark Zantizinger, Charles L. Borie, Jr.) [Corinthian capital] [Ionic capital]

dw47. 1917-27: Free Library of Philadelphia (Horace Trumbauer).

ec42. c. 1920: Fisher Body Plant, Detroit Publishing Co.

dw42. 1929-34: 30th Street Station (Graham, Anderson, Probst and White) [interior]

ae42. 1929: City Hall, Buffalo, NY.

mth42. 1931-32: McGraw-Hill Building, NYC

mth43. 1930s: Art Deco hotels, Miami, FL

1945 to 1995:

lf53. 1950: Coral Gables High School, aerial view [entrance]

lf52. 1962: Miami Ranch House

lf51. 1976: Burton Barr Library in Phoenix, AZ (Will Bruder) [detail]

last rev. 9 Nov. 06