Cities 06-306, Advanced Fieldwork Techniques

-- project ideas

For the first of the two research/website projects, it will best to have a fairly concrete focus, such as a site or a specific collection of documents, while the second may be more thematic. We may coordinate these around one set of places. But generally, your goal will be to be resourceful in discovering and contextualizing the history of the site or document set depicted and effective in presenting it in a way that directly engages both the evidence and the visitor to you website.

Here are some ideas broached in the past and links to specific student projects, but most topics really aren't exhausted, whether that might mean different collections, places, framing the topic differently, or moving further within the same frame:

As we visit repositories, we'll learn of particular projects they'd be interested in your adopting. I'll continue to throw ideas into this section. You may also propose others. As mentioned above, the second project will be more open to student definition, and may be less tightly focused in geography or a specific set of documents.

I'll add a few more as we get closer. But whatever you choose as a topic, it should be a good learning exercise in historical documentation with a good project achieveable within the time for the assignment, it should go beyond just mechanical and scanning tasks, have certain possibilities of public benefit and interest, involve research challenges, offer some scope for interpretive decision-making and analysis, and some scope for your conceptualization and presentation.

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