Cities 255: Survey of American Architecture

Tues. Wed. Thu. notes:
  • Unit A. Colonial, 1600-1785
    yeomen & manors, the Georgian/NeoPalladian ideal, the vernacular
  • 3 Sept.
    structure of course, approach
    .. 5 Sept.
    Native American architecture, varied national forms, plan types, built form as a cultural artifact
    10 Sept.
    Renaissance architecture in Britain, the great hall, Reformation and counter-reformation form
    .. 12 Sept.
    Visit to Harriton: landed-gentry wannabee in a new world. hall/parlor plan. materiality of late medieval with artificiality of classicism
    post reading journal for
    unit A by Sunday night
  • Unit B. Early Republic, 1785-1820
    stylistic change, nationalistic maturity, heroic professionalism
  • 17 Sept.
    Key monuments, Unit A
    .. 19 Sept.
    Key monuments concluded, discussion of reading
    NE vs. VA
    24 Sept.
    Optional video at usual class hour:
    Kostof #1: The Home
    Road trip to Fairmount Park, 3pm to 6pm, Radnor lot 26 Sept.
    Palladianism, Colonial design processes
    post reading journal for
    unit B by Sunday night
  • Unit C. Antebellum, 1820-1860
    rationalism vs. romanticism, hunger for imagery, popular consumption, placidity and anachronism
  • 1 Oct.
    Key monuments, Unit B
    .. 3 Oct.
    Federal/Adamesque, Neoclassicisms, Professionalism. Eclecticism [paper #1 due]
    8 Oct. .. 10 Oct.
    Early Victorian architecture, the guise of imagery, decline of the vernacular
  • Unit D. Age of Enterprise, 1860-1890
    the challenges of an emerging modernity, constructing character
  • 15 Oct.
    (break, no class)
    post reading journal for
    unit C by Wednesday night
    17 Oct.
    Key monuments, Unit C
    22 Oct.
    3:45pm, meet at 2nd & Market, downtown 24 Oct.
    Optional video at usual class hour
    Kostof #2: The Workplace
    29 Oct.
    Post Civil War realism, progressivism, anachronism
    3:45pm, meet at Broad & Market, City Hall courtyard, downtown 31 Oct.
    Optional video at usual class hour
    Kostof #3: The Street
    post reading journal for
    unit D by Sunday night
  • Unit E. Urbanism, Order, and Tradition, 1890-1925
    coherence, appropriate grandeur, the visual challenges of a rediscovered past
  • 5 Nov.
    Key monuments, Unit D
    3:45pm, meet at 22nd & Market 7 Nov.
    Video: Kostof #4: Public Buildings
    [paper #2 due]
    12 Nov.
    Queen Anne and Shingle Style, the part and the whole
    .. 14 Nov.
    Academic Eclecticism, Beaux-Arts
    19 Nov.
    Key monuments, Unit E
    .. 21 Nov.
    Patterns 1900-40
    High Game and Low, Arts & Crafts, the period house
    post reading journal for
    unit E by Sunday night
  • Unit F. Modernism and Postmodernism, 1925-1990
    new architectural languages, technology, redefinition, purity and context
  • 26 Nov.
    Deco and Moderne, Early Modernism
    [paper #3 due]
    .. 28 Nov.
    (Thanksgiving; no class)
    3 Dec.
    Modernism and After
    .. 5 Dec.
    Key monuments, Unit F
    [JC out of town]
    post reading journal for
    unit F by Sunday night
    10 Dec.
    Presentations: discussions with architects
    (last class)
    16 Dec.
    Final Exam
    Thomas 111, Mon, 2-4pm

    Paper #1 Paper #2 Paper #3
    Dylan Boyle
    Gerry Charles Type:
    Thomas Library
    Lara Jakobsons Style:
    Greek Revival Renditions
    Constructing Meaning:
    Virginia State Penitentiary
    Duhring, Okie & Ziegler
    David Kanthor Place:
    Mount Vernon
    Constructing Meaning:
    St. Patrick's Cathedral
    The National Dialogue: 1979-1996
    Heather Moore Presenting History:
    The Betsy Ross House
    Julia Morgan
    Kitty Pauly Type:
    Philadelphia Rowhouses
    The Craftsman House
    Limin Teh Style:
    Arthur Truscott (1858-1938)
    Kerri Tobin Constructing Meaning:
    University of Virginia
    Attic Windows, Glastonbury, CT
    The College Dormitory
    Noah Walker Place:
    Central Park
    The National Dialogue:
    Architectural Record, 1926-46
    David Wolfe Constructing Meaning:
    Massachusetts State House
    The American Library
    Wrightian Prairie School

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