Colloquia & Events

From its early days, Bryn Mawr has had an international reputation in classical languages and archaeology, and the College is home to a lively community of undergraduates, graduate students and faculty who are interested in classical subjects. Weekly classics colloquia provide an informal meeting ground as well as a schedule of distinguished speakers on a variety of literary, archeological and historical subjects.

Spring 2013 Colloquium Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all Colloquia will take place at 4:30 p.m. in Room B21 of the Rhys Carpenter Library on the campus of Bryn Mawr College. Tea will be held at 4:00 p.m. before the lectures in the Quita Woodward Room, which is in Thomas Library. For more information please call: 610-526-5198; or e-mail ocardona@brynmawr.edu


Date Speaker & Title
February 1

Robert Germany
Haverford College

"The Unity of Time in Menander"

Robert Germany small poster
February 8
*4:15 pm in Thomas Hall 110

Bernard Frischer

University of Virginia


“Modeling the Past: The Digital Hadrian’s Villa Project & Other New Projects”

Co-sponsed by the Class of 1902 Lecture Fund

PLEASE NOTE: This Colloquium has been postponed to fall 2013.

Frischer poster
February 15

George Boys-Stones

Institute for Advanced Study & Durham University


“Providence in ‘Middle’ Platonism”

February 22

Jan Bremmer

Institute for the Study of the Ancient World & University of Groningen


“From Books with Magic to Magical Books in Ancient Greece and Rome”

Bremmer poster
March 1

Nicola Terrenato

Institute for Advanced Study & University of Michigan


“The Embryology of Central Italian Cities: Recent Insights from Archaeology”

March 22

The Agnes Michels Lecture







presented by the Graduate Students in the Department of Greek, Latin & Classical Studies

Harriet Flower

Princeton University

“Augustus and the Genius Augusti”

March 29
Ronnie Ancona

Hunter College

“‘Cave of the Heart’: The Medea of Martha Graham and Isamu Noguchi”"

April 5
Milena Melfi

Center for Hellenic Studies & University of Oxford

“Greek Cults in a Conquered Land: Reassessing the Early Roman Presence
in the Sanctuaries of Greece (146-44 BC)”


April 12
The C. Densmore Curtis Lecture

presented by the Graduate Students in the Department of Classical & Near Eastern Archaeology

Eleni Hasaki

University of Arizona

“From Mistakes to Masterpieces: Craft Apprenticeship in Classical Antiquity”

April 19
Wei Zhang

Center for Hellenic Studies & Fudan University


“Poetry and Knowledge: Greek and Chinese Perspectives”

Zhang poster
April 26
Philippa Townsend

Ursinus College


“Sacrifice and Supersessionism in Early Christianity”



Fall 2012 Colloquium Schedule

Date Speaker & Title
September 14
News from Abroad: Student Reports Student Reports
September 21

Jim Marks

Center for Hellenic Studies and University of Florida


"Temples, Walls and Agora: The Polis in Homer and History"

Marks poster
October 5

Ioannis Galanakis

Center for Hellenic Studies and Oxford Ashmolean


"Tomb Robbers, Art Dealers and the Trafficking of Antiquities: Archaeology in 19th-century Greece"

Galanakis poster
October 26

Ioanna Patera

Center for Hellenic Studies and Max Weber Kolleg


"The Thesmophoria and Related Festivals of Moveable Objects"

November 2

Sara Kaczko

Center for Hellenic Studies and University of Rome


Perspectives on Archaic Greek Epigrams: towards a new commentary and literary study

poster<img src="images/Kaczkos.jpg" alt="poster" width="100" height="165" />
November 9

Marco Fantuzzi

Institute for Advanced Study and Columbia University


Achilles, Penthesileia and the killing of Thersites"

November 16
Ute Kelp

Universität zu Köln


"The Necropoleis of Pergamon: Early Excavations and Recent Discoveries"

November 30
Astrid Lindenlauf

Bryn Mawr College


Risen from Ruins:  The Rebuilding of Miletos and Athens in the Fifth Century B.C.


December 7
Eirene Visvardi

Center for Hellenic Studies and Wesleyan University


Pity and Fear in the Tragic Chorus: Negotiating the Emotional Politics of Athenian Democracy

Visvardi poster