School of Athens



Catherine Conybeare, Chair
Thomas Hall 209
Phone: 610-526-5036

Research interests:
Late Antiquity, Early Christian Studies, contemporary theory

Radcliffe Edmonds, Paul Shorey Professor of Greek & Undergraduate Major Adviser
Thomas Hall 245
Phone: 526-5046

Research interests: Greek social and intellectual history, with particular focus on mythology, religion, magic, and Platonic philosophy.

Russell T. Scott, Doreen C. Spitzer Professor of Latin and Classical Studies (on leave spring 2015)
Thomas Hall 242
Phone: 610-526-5034

Research interests: Roman history and historiography, Roman archaeology and history of the republican and imperial periods with special reference to Italy and the western provinces

Associate Professor

Annette M. Baertschi, Graduate Adviser, Director of the Graduate Group in Archaeology, Classics and History of Art
Thomas Hall 241
Phone: 610-526-7569

Research interests: Roman literature, especially imperial poetry; Greek and Latin epic; ancient drama (tragedy) and performance; reception of classical literature and culture; ancient magic and religion; Latin meter; Renaissance and Neo-Latin studies

Assistant Professor

Asya Sigelman

Thomas Hall 246

Phone: 610-526-7562


Research interests: Homeric epic and archaic Greek lyric, with particular focus on time and the narrator; Athenian tragedy, especially the language of the chorus; Greek meter; metaphor.


Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities and Humanistic Studies

Daniel Tober

Thomas Hall 247

Phone: 610-526-7959


Research interests: Greek and Roman Historiography; Greece in the Early Hellenistic Period; Social Memory and the Construction of Community; Local Historiography

Professors Emeriti

Gregory W. Dickerson (Ph.D. Princeton), Professor Emeritus of Greek

Julia H. Gaisser (Ph.D. Edinburgh), Eugenia Chase Guild Professor Emeritus in the Humanities, Professor Emeritus of Latin

Richard Hamilton, Paul Shorey Professor Emeritus of Greek

Cooperating Faculty at Haverford College

Deborah H. Roberts []
Chairperson - Professor of Comparative Literature and Classics
Office: Hall Building, Room 206

Interests: Greek tragedy and the tragic genre; Latin poetry; the ancient novel; the epic tradition; the classical tradition in western literature; ancient literary theory and the history of literary theory; translation studies; children's literature.

Bret Mulligan []
Associate Professor
Office: Hall Building 109

Interests: Latin poetry, esp. of the Empire; Late antique literature and culture; Roman history; epistolary literature; epic; epigrams; Classical Tradition; performance and instructional technology.

Robert Germany []
Assistant Professor
Office: Hall Building 001A

Interests: Roman comedy; Hellenistic ethics; the novel; Ovid; early modern reception

Sydnor Roy
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office Hall 9A