History of Department

One immediately notices that a good part of this site is devoted to our past. We have documented -— especially through bibliography, archival photos, and student-penned profiles — more than a few of the many great people (not all turning out to be professional classicists) who have passed through Bryn Mawr's arches over the years, as well as the evolution of the Department itself. Hence, for example, the long list of Bryn Mawr dissertations on this website, and the short bio-bibliographies of other Bryn Mawr alumnae and faculty of the past (distant and not so distant) who have made a lasting impact on the College, the field of classics, or beyond. Much more is to follow. Yet this actually raises a philosophical problem. Bryn Mawr has not been known for its self-publicity (though that may now change!), and many of the most distinguished students and faculty in Greek, Latin and Archaeology positively avoided the limelight.

But it seems perfectly appropriate to list here especially the full published works of Lily Ross Taylor and Richmond Lattimore. Much of what they wrote still must be read, and their respective full bibliographies are hard to find. This holds true also for a number of other past Bryn Mawr faculty and alumnae included (or to be included) in this site. Reminding ourselves of their scholarly contributions — or at least where to go to find out about their contributions — seems a relatively benign intrusion.