Classical Culture and Society

The major provides a broad yet individually structured background for students whose interest in the ancient classical world is general and who wish to pursue more specialized work in one or more particular areas.

Major Requirements

The requirements for the major, in addition to the Senior Seminar, are nine courses distributed as follows:

  • Two courses in either Latin or Greek beyond the elementary level
  • One course in Greek and/or Roman history
  • three courses, at least two of which are at the 200 level or higher, in one of the following concentrations:
    • archaeology and art history
    • philosophy and religion,
    • literature and the classical tradition, or history and society
  • Three electives, at least one of which is at the 200-level or higher, and one of which is must be among the courses counted toward the history/society concentration (except in the case of students in that concentration)
  • Senior Seminar*

*The Classics Senior Seminar is a full-year course, the first term of which is devoted to various fields of Classics (e.g.; religion, philosophy, law, social history, literary history), while in the second term students write a long research paper and then present their findings to the group.

Minor Requirements

The requirements for the minor are six courses drawn from the range of courses counted toward the major. Of these, two must be in Greek or Latin beyond the elementary level and at least one must be in classical culture and society at the 200 level.

Classes Offered in Classical Culture and Society