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The sequence of courses in the ancient Greek language is designed to acquaint the students with the various aspects of Greek culture through a mastery of the language and a comprehension of Greek history, mythology, religion, and the other basic forms of expression through which the culture developed. The works of poets, philosophers, and historians are studied both in their historical context and in relation to subsequent Western thought. In addition the department regularly offers one or more courses on Greek history, myth, literature, or religion for which knowledge of the Greek language is not required.

College Foreign Language Requirement

The College’s foreign language requirement may be satisfied by completing GREK 101 and 104 with an average grade of at least 2.0 or with a grade of 2.0 or better in GREK 104.

Greek Major Requirements:

  • two courses at the introductory level
  • two courses at the 100 level
  • two courses at the 200 level
  • one course at the 300 level (or higher)
  • Senior Seminar*

Also required are three courses to be distributed as follows:

  • one in Greek history,
  • one in Greek archaeology,
  • one in Greek philosophy.

By the end of the senior year, majors will be required to have completed a sight translation from Greek to English.

*The Classics Senior Seminar is a full-year course, the first term of which is devoted to various fields of Classics (e.g.; religion, philosophy, law, social history, literary history), while in the second term students write a long research paper and then present their findings to the group.

Prospective majors in Greek are advised to take Greek in the freshman year. For students entering with Greek there is the possibility of completing the requirements for both A.B. and M.A. degrees in four years. Those interested in pursuing advanced degrees are advised to have a firm grounding in Latin.

Greek Minor Requirements:

  • two courses at the introductory level
  • two courses at the 100 level
  • two courses at the 200 level

Students of Classics are encouraged to consider a term of study during the junior year at the College Year in Athens or the Intercollegiate Center in Rome.

Classes Offered in Greek

Courses for which a knowledge of Greek is not required are listed under Classical Culture and Society.

Please send any questions or comments about the Greek Major to Radcliffe Edmonds (redmonds@brynmawr.edu)