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Classical Languages

The major in Classical Languages is designed for the student who wishes to divide her time between the two languages and literatures.

The requirements for the major are:

The requirements for the major are eight courses in Greek and Latin including:

  • two at the 200 level in one language
  • two at the 300 level or above in the other
  • two courses in ancient history and/or classical archaeology
  • two final examinations
    • sight translation from Greek to English
    • sight translation from Latin to English

  • Classics Senior Seminar*

*The Classics Senior Seminar is a full-year course, the first term of which is devoted to various fields of Classics (e.g.; religion, philosophy, law, social history, literary history), while in the second term students write a long research paper and then present their findings to the group. For classes offered in each language, see Courses Offered in Greek and Courses Offered in Latin.