Russell T. ScottRUSSELL T. SCOTT

Doreen C. Spitzer Professor of Latin and Classical Studies

PhD Yale University

(on leave spring 2016)

Office: Thomas Hall 241

Phone: 610-526-5034


Research Interests

Roman history and historiography, Roman archaeology and history of the republican and imperial periods with special reference to Italy and the western provinces.

Recent Publications

    • “The Archaeological Contribution to Early Roman History”, Chapter in Kurt Raaflaub (ed.) Social Struggles in Archaic Rome (2nd. edition Blackwell; 2005)
    • Maria Teresa Marabini Moevs, Cosa: Studies in the Arretine and Italian Sigillata, Editor (B); (University of Michigan; 2006)
    • “The Later History of the ‘Domus delle Vestali’, “ Res Bene Gestae: Ricerche di storia urbana su Roma antica in onore di Margareta Steinby (Quasar, Roma; 2007), 397.
    • Ann Reynolds Scott, Cosa. The Black-Glaze Pottery 2 Editor (B); (University of Michigan; 2008)
    • *AA.VV. Excavations in the Area Sacra of Vesta (1987-1998) (University of Michigan) “There’s Nothing Wrong with Horace Odes 4,” Studies in Latin Literature and 15, Roman History 15 (“Collection Latomus”; 2009) 258.
    • “There's Nothing Wrong with Horace Odes 4,” Studies in Latin Literature and 15, Roman History 15 ("Collection Latomus") 258.
    • *R.T. Scott, A. Ammerman, L. Constantini, J. Giorgi, C. Steffensen, C. Trier with P. Henderson (Architect)

Personal Statement


Professor Scott has taught at Bryn Mawr since 1966 and served as Andrew W. Mellon Professor-in Charge of the School of Classical Studies at the American Academy in Rome from 1984-1988. He has written widely on Roman history and historiography and the archaeology of Roman Italy, particularly the excavations at Cosa and in the Roman Forum carried out by the Academy under his direction. He has also served as Mellon Professor at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome and has been a director of the American Academy's summer program in Italian archaeology.