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Following is a list of the currently declared majors in our department.

Seniors (Class of 2015):



Samantha Abbott Classical Culture and Society
Tabatha Barton Classical Languages
Vanessa Felso Classical Languages
Monica Quiñones-Rivera Classical Languages
Anna Sargeant Classical Culture and Society

Juniors (Class of 2016):



Sarah Andrew Classical Culture and Society
Julie Benton Classical Languages
Eve Cantler Classical Culture and Society
Elizabeth Erikson Greek
Pamela Gassman Classical Culture and Society
Chris Lichtenstein Classical Culture and Society
Airen McClure Classical Languages

Sophomores (Class of 2017):


Major Representative

The major representative or  “ major rep" is a classics major in her junior or senior year who officially represents the majors to other students and the department faculty. There may be more than one representative. These students are available to talk with students informally about the major and to serve as a resource for students as they complete work in the major. Representatives may bring issues to the department on behalf of majors. She (or they) help organize many of the gatherings that bring the department together, including major teas in the fall and spring. On the occasion of a search for a faculty member or the case of a reappointment, tenure, or promotion of a faculty member of the department, the major representative(s) may assist the department and the College in soliciting and evaluating student views about the candidates or the case.

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