view of Nemea Valley  


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The Nemea Archaeological Museum is on the site of the Temple of Zeus.  The Temple of Zeus is large, with 6 columns at the front and back of the building and 13 at the sides.  Workmen are now trying to put some of the columns back up. Because the columns fell over like dominos, it is easier to figure out how they go back together.

Nemea was an important site in the ancient Greek world because it was the site of one of the Panhellenic games ("pan" means "all" and "Hellenic" means "Greek"). During the Nemea games, Greeks from all over the country would come to compete and watch. All wars were stopped so that the athletes could come. To learn more about the stadium, where the contests took place, click here.

Around the temple, there is also a bathhouse built during the Roman period (that is over 2,300 years ago).  You can still see the very large bathtubs, sinks, and pipes. 





The columns of the Temple are being put back up.  You can see them working on the project here.

The Temple of Zeus has large columns. I asked my mom and dad to stand next to the column capital (the top part, shown in red above), and the column drum (a middle section, shown in yellow above) so that you can imagine how large a whole column might be.

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