view of Nemea Valley  


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The temple of Hera on the plain of Argos, called the Argive Heraion ("ARG-ive Her-AE-on") was an important sacred site starting 2,600 years ago.  Hera was the goddess of women, children, and marriage.   The site is about 30 minutes from Nemea by car. 

In about 600 BC, the first temple was built on a large hill overlooking the plain.  From there you could see across the entire valley.  This is what the view looks like now:

Then, after the first temple burned down, another temple was built in 420 BC.  It had 6 columns on  the front and back and 12 on each side.  Here are its foundations:

Here is a picture of one of the Doric capitals from the temple. 


You can see very clearly the foundations of other buildings that were part of the site, including a stoa (a long building with a porch all along the front), a gymnasium, and a dining room (shown below).



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