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Epidauros ("Ep-EE-dar-us) is an archaeological site about an hour away from Nemea.   The site is large, with many buildings to explore.  All the buildings were part of a complex for the worship of the god Asklepios ("Ask-LEE-pee-us").  Asklepios was a god who helped cure people who were sick or injured. 

People who needed the god's help would come and stay in Epidauros in a guest house.  They might also come to a special building where they would spend the night sleeping on the ground.  Some people who came there wrote that they were cured in their dreams by the god himself, or that a priest or the sacred animals (dogs and snakes) cured them.

People who were cured offered gifts to the god (like miniature stone body parts or statues).  They also wrote on stone slabs what their sickness had been and how it was healed. 

Epidauros was also famous for its large theater.  14,000 people can see a play here -- and there are still performances here in the summer today. 

Like Nemea, Epidauros also had a stadium for races.



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