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Mycenae (“My-CEE-nee”) is another very important site near our dig.  It is from the same time period and culture as Ayia Sotira.  People lived here beginning 3,600 years ago! 

Mycenae looks like a big hill from far away, but when you get closer to it you can see that there were many buildings there.  People lived and worked all around this citadel (a walled city). 

As you walk up to the top, you pass through the famous Lion Gate.   It is about 11 feet tall! 

The palace had many rooms, but the most important one was called the megaron ("MEG-ar-on").   Archaeologists can tell it is a megaron because of the hearth (a place for a fire) and the 4 columns around it. 

There have been many amazing artifacts found at Mycenae.  Here are pictures of a few. 

At this site there are also large tombs, shaped like beehives, called tholos  (“THO-los”) tombs.  Like the tombs at Ayia Sotira, they were all dug out of the ground, but they are much larger.  One even has a chamber that is about 40 feet high and 45 feet in diameter!


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