view of Nemea Valley  


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Stella is a graduate student in archaeology at Bryn Mawr College.  She is from Cyprus, an island near Greece.

How many times have you been to Greece?

8 times, mostly for fun and vacation.

What is the thing that you excavated most recently?

A vessel from the tomb.  It was a broken jar, turned upside down and very dirty.  It might have decoration.

What is the most modern artifact that you have excavated?

Byzantine pottery, which is shiny and glazed white with green flowers.

When did you decide to become an archaeologist?

I decided when I was around 13 or 14 because I liked playing in the dirt.  I think it is fascinating work.  I like the process of digging, studying, and analyzing.  It helps us understand our history and that of a certain place.  You learn about a place and how people lived there before you. 

Why do people use trenches when they dig?

When we dig, we do not want only to find things, but also to connect objects with space and time.  It is our way of controlling and measuring.

Did the Mycenaens have pets?

Yes, they had dogs and horses.  We know this because we have found some burials with horses nearby.  Also, there are some pots with painting of dogs.


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