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Angela is a graduate student at Bryn Mawr College.

What got you interested in archaeology?

In high school my Latin teacher taught us ancient history.  I learned why history is important.  We can learn from the past and the mistakes of people who lived before.

How do you tell how old things are?

There are kinds of scientific tests for exact dates, but sometimes archaeologists use other ways.  For example, they might use the shapes of pots that were only made during a certain time period.  This kind of dating is called “relative chronology” dating because we know that we might be wrong.

What is the most modern artifact that you have excavated?

A frappe cup and some string.

What kinds of artifacts did you just dig up?

A building with one side that is curved and one side that is straight.  It was probably used by craftsmen.

How many times have you been to Greece?

8 or 9 times.  I love everything about Greece.  I like the climate, the ocean, the food, the antiquities (ancient artifacts and buildings) all over the landscape, the goat bells dinging on the mountains‚Ķ.

Who is your best archaeological friend?

Theodora, because we have excavated together, we share our work, we have traveled together, and we were often roommates.


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