view of Nemea Valley  


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Sabrina is going to be a graduate student at the University of British Columbia in Canada next year.

What is your favorite part of excavation?

Getting to see things that people have not seen for thousands of years. 

Why did you come on this excavation?

Angus, one of the directors, invited me.  I had worked before on a settlement site, and I wanted to try working with burials.  I try to treat everything that we find with respect, especially since things here have been dug and disrespected by tomb robbers.

What is your daily schedule?

I wake up as late as possible (5:30 in the morning), and we leave by 6.  We excavate then until 8:30 am, when we have cookie break.  We work until 11:30, when we have lunch.  We finish at 2, and then I like to nap, use the internet, drink frappe, have dinner, play cards, and fall asleep around 10 pm.

Who is your best archaeological friend?

Robbie, because he is the funniest person I’ve met.  He knows about different aspects of archaeology, and so I like talking to him.  We’ve worked together for 2 summers.


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