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I have arrived here in Nemea at the dig.   My parents dropped me off, and helped me to move into the hotel where we will be staying.  It is run by the Sophos family (in Greek, that means the "Wise" family).  My roommate Stella and I have a nice room with a balcony.  Right now on the excavation team there are about 10 people.  More will becoming later in the summer. 

On Monday, we began by cleaning out the storerooms.  We found out what equipment was in the Nemea Museum and what we needed to buy.  We visited the site in the afternoon.

We are spending the rest of the this week working on two jobs.  I am working with a team at the dig site.  We are making sure that we know exactly where we dug last year.  I do this with the Total Stations (named "Stanley" and "Antoine Diego").  The other group is working on water sieving all the left-over dirt from last year. That means that they wash the soil to look for artifacts or plant material in it.

It has been really hot the whole week, and so we are very tired at the end of the day.  We are all excited to begin digging, though we have to finish these jobs first.  Everyone is hopeful that we will find a few tombs this year...

Enjoy the beginning of your summer, and I'll write next week!


Sophos hotelOUR HOTEL
Stella and I live right behind the palm tree on the second floor. 
We call our storeroom the apotheke ("ap-o-THEE-kee").  This is what is looked like after we cleaned it.  You can imagine how dirty it was before!
Sarah and Stella at the apothekeCLEANING TEAM
Sarah and Stella as they clean out the storeroom.
Water sievingWATER SIEVING
Maggie and Sabrina at the water sieve working on the dirt from 2006.
Angus talks about potterySURVEY
I spent this week working with the Total Stations on the site.
Angus talks about potteryANGUS' INTRODUCTION
Angus showed the team all the finds from 2006. He wanted us to know what we should be looking for in this year's tombs.


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