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We are now in our 3rd week of digging.  We have been working every day from 6 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon, though we did get to go for a field trip on Saturday.  We visited 2 nearby archaeological sites from the Mycenaean period (our site is from the Mycenaean period, too).

It has been a disappointing week for some members of the team.  We decided that one of the cuttings in the bedrock (that we thought was an entranceway to a tomb) was a natural part of the rock.  It may have been formed by water.  This leaves some people with little work to do, and everyone is really eager to dig. 

I am still working on making sure that we can correctly map the trenches that the frontloader dug last week.  I am almost finished with that job.

The good news is that the other cutting in the rock is definitely a tomb!  We have found small pieces of pottery nearby, including part of a Mycenaean goblet (called a "kylix").  The entranceway to the tomb is probably about 15 feet long, though we can only see the top of it right now.  All the farming in the field has caused the chamber of the tomb to collapse in on itself.  That means that we will probably have to dig out about 9 feet of dirt before we come across the burials.  We all hope that the tomb has not been robbed.

I wish you all a happy July 4th!  We are having a party tonight to celebrate, though there won't be any fireworks.


water featureWATER FEATURE
Here is the curved cutting in the rock that we thought might be part of a tomb.  It was probably carved out by water flowing down the hill.
Here is the dromos as we began digging it.
digging the dromosDIGGING THE DROMOS 2
You can see that the dromos is getting deeper as we dug this week.  The area of soil that we left on the right side of the dromos is called a baulk.
Stella and Dimitri are working on their trench notebook.  They write down all the information about the tomb's excavation in the notebook.
digging the chamberDIGGING THE CHAMBER
We began this week to dig the dirt out of the chamber.  Here Yanni is removing large stones with a pick.
Stella and sherdSHERD
Stella is holding a Mycenaean sherds that we found in the dromos.


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