A Treasury of Knowledge:

An Exhibition of the Bryn Mawr Collection of Ancient Coins

Introduction to
Bryn Mawr College
Coin Collection





Exhibition curated by
Sarah E. Hafner
National Endowment
for the Humanities 2005
Summer Curatorial Intern


The ancient coin collection of Bryn Mawr College is “a treasury of knowledge.” The coins within are representative of the major cities and cultures of the ancient Mediterranean, and contain information not only about the history of these cultures, but also their politics, religion, and art. The goal of this exhibition is to demonstrate not only the artistic but the educational value of these coins, and to encourage future research with the collection. This catalogue will give an introduction to ancient coinage in general, and more specifically to the Bryn Mawr collection and exhibition.

Ongoing exhibition opens February 28, 2006 in the Ella Riegel Memorial Museum, Bryn Mawr College Collections


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