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Bacarella, Flavia American born 1946
Badt, Pat American 20th C.
Badura, Faye Swengel American 1904-1991
Baez, Joan American born 1941
Baker, Jennifer American born 1956
Baltzell, Jan C. American born 1948
Baragona, Rita American born 1945
Barber, Lucy American born 1951
Beardsley, Rosemary American 20th C.
Beck, Rosemarie American born 1923
Becker, Janice American born 1950
Bell, Temma American born 1945
Bennett, Lisa American 20th C.
Berger, Marie-Theres German born 1957
Berry, Rosann American born 1956
Blaine, Nell American 1922-1996
Bliss, Rachel American born 1962
Blitz, Ava American born 1954
Boisaubert, Irene French born 1954
Bradford, Katherine American 20th C. (BMC Class of '64)
Brennan, Edwina American 20th C.
Brodhead, Quita American 1901-2002
Brody, Sally American 20th C.
Brooks-Korn, Lynne American born 1951
Brown, Emily American born 1943
Brown, Maggi American 20th C.
Burckhardt, Marischa Russian born 1927
Burko, Diane American born 1945