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Hagin, Nancy American born 1940
Halladay, Theo Holland Canadian 20th C. (BMC Class of '48)
Hambleton, Susan American 20th C.
Hamlin, Louise American born 1949
Harris, Carolyn American 20th C.
Harris, Penelope American born 1938
Hayman, E. Sherman American born 1947
Hazan, Elizabeth American 20th C.
Heideman, Susan American born 1950
Heller, Eleanor American 1918-2001 (BMC Class of '39)
Hertzog, Leslie American 20th C.
Hilles, Jane Goldstone American born 1941 (BMC Class of '63)
Holan, Jaquelin Marie American 20th C.
Hubbard, Betty W. American 1901-1967
Hubbard, Deirdre American born 1935
Hunn, Lydia American 20th C.