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Manet, Julie French 1878-1966
Mangione, Patricia American 1915-2002
Manville, Elsie American 20th C.
Marrella, Maria Pia American born 1954
Martin, Younghee Choi American (born Seoul, Korea) born 1954
Martinez, Joanne American born 1954
Mason, Alice Trumbull American 1895-1971
Mason, Emily American born 1932
Matthiasdottir, Louisa American (born Iceland) born 1917
McCue, Elizabeth American born 1951
McEneaney, Sarah American born 1950
McFadden, Kathryn American 20th C.
McNeely, Juanita American born 1936
Mehlman, Lila American born 1931
Melnicoff, Mitzi American 1922-1972
Meyer, Elizabeth American born 1943
Michel, Sally American 1905-2003
Miller, Joan McDonald American born 1929
Miller, Ruth American born 1930
Mimnaugh, Barbara American born 1937
Minich, Anne American born 1934
Mirkil, Helen American born 1952
Mitchell, Joan American 1926-1992
Moran, Kate American born 1958
Moskowitz, Shirley American born 1920