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Salstrom, Mary American 20th C.
Sanders, Rhea American 20th C.
Sapienza, Ellen C. American born 1958
Sargeant, Jane Ninas Evans American 1913-2005
Sawyer, Janet American 20th C.
Schuck, Mary Lou American born 1944
Segal, Karen American born 1941
Seibert, Barbara Harding American 1918-2001
Seidman, Anne American 20th C.
Seller, Linda American born c.1930s
Seymour, Antoinette Farrar American born 1941 (BMC Class of '63)
Shatan, Norma A. American 20th C.
Shatter, Susan American born 1943
Shechter, Laura American born 1944
Shorr, Harriet American born 1939
Siegel, Frances American born 1941
Sigg, Irmgard German born 1934
Sihn Ja-An Korean born 1941
Silverberg, June American 20th C.
Skoogfors, Anne American 20th C.
Sosson, Barbara American born 1945
Speyer, Nora American born 1923
Spiesel, Christina Olson American born 1942
Staffel, Doris American born 1921
Stark, Paula American 20th C.
Steckel, Anita American 20th C.
Stephenson, Helene American born 1926
Sterne, Hedda American (born Roumania) born 1916
Stifel, Lida Matheson American born 1948
Stone, Sandra American born 1933
Stutman, Ellen American 20th C.
Sykes, Annie Gooding American 1855-1931