Cypro-Archaic I (750-600 BC)

Bichrome Red I (IV) ware

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Description: Red painted ware, Bichrome red I (IV) jug; pinkish buff clay with red paint; horizontal bands, dots inside lip.

Date: Cypro-Archaic I (750-600 BC)

Dimensions: (H) 8cm.; (Diam)8cm.



Description:Jug; red painted ware; Bichrome red I (IV) ware; Cypriote; black horizontal bands on neck and handle; three concentric circle designs on front.

Date: Cypro-Archaic I-II (circa 600 BC)

Dimensions: (H)10.7cm.; (Diam) 6.3cm.

Provenience: Gift of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection; originally part of the Cesnola Collection

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Cypro-Archaic I (750-600 BC)
Cypro-Archaic II (600-480 BC)