Virtual Exhibition of the Cypriote Materials in the Bryn Mawr College Collections













The Cypriote collection at Bryn Mawr College has 460 registered objects, all of which were digitally photographed and organized in the summer of 2006. A virtual exhibition website was formed to highlight some of the most impressive artifacts in the collection. The collection as well as the exhibition is best represented in the Early Cypriote through the Cypro-Archaic periods. The collection contains a very limited selection of sherds from Neolithic through Chalcolithic periods as well as the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods. However, overall the materials form an excellent study collection. The exhibition is arranged chronologically and by ware type within each period. The exhibition includes important archaeological and historical issues related to each period. Important sites from each period have been selectively highlighted to provide some context and background to these artifacts. Click on a picture to view the exhibition page related to the specific time period. Click here for a chronological overview of the island. Object numbers associated with each object are the Bryn Mawr College Ella Riegel Art and Archaeology Collection assession number. There are P (for pottery), S (for stone), T (for terracotta) and G (for glass) numbers. For more information about the collections at Bryn Mawr, please visit the Collections website.

Earliest Prehistory

Early Cypriote

Middle Cypriote

Late Cypriote



Later Periods

Glass Objects

Terracotta Objects

Stone Objects

Chronological Overview

Akrotiri Phase - 9,500 - 9,000 BC

Early Aceramic Neolithic (PPNB)- 8200 - late 8th century BC

Late Aceramic Neolithic - 7000-5000 BC

Ceramic Neolithic - 4500-4000 BC

Chalcolithic period - 4000 - 2500 BC

Philia Phase - 2500-2350 BC

Early Cypriote - 2350 - 1900 BC

Middle Cypriote - 1900 - 1600 BC

Late Cypriote - 1600 - 1050 BC

Cypro-Geometric - 1050-750 BC

Cypro-Archaic - 750 - 480 BC

Cypro-Classical - 480 - 310 BC

Hellenistic Period - 310 - 30 BC

Roman Period - 30 BC - AD 300