Late Cypriote Period (1600-1050 BC)

Monochrome Ware

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Description: Monocrhome ware rim sherd with attached handle. Orange clay; Cypriote ware found at Ras Shamra.

Date: Late Cypriote (1500-1200 BC)

Dimensions: Gmeas. 7.4cm

Provenience: Ras Shamra/ Ugarit


Description: Fragmentary monochrome ware bowl; part of the rim and wishbone handle are preserved; numerous sherds joined together

Date: Late Cypriote I-II (1500-1300 BC)

Dimensions: GL. 10.7 cm; GW. 8.8 cm; TH. 0.4 cm

Provenience: Enkomi tomb 15

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