Late Cypriote Period (1600-1050 BC)

Mycenaean Ware Imported to Cyprus

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Description: Fragment of saucer; Mycenaean, possibly of LH IIIA2 date;; reddish brown paint on buff clay; concentric bands around foot; geometrized chain of papyrus (?) around side; band on lip; Mycenaean pot imported to Cyprus.

Date: Late Cypriote II (1400-1200 BC)

Dimensions: (H) 4.1cm.; (Diam of entire) c.6.5cm.

Provenience: Gift of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection; probably originally part of the Cesnola Collection


Description: Late Helladic IIIA (?) rim sherd. Brown painted designs on exterior, painted bands on both sides of rim; depiction of a figure's head and arm is partially preserved

Date: Late Cypriot II B or Late Helladic III A (1400-1300 BC)

Dimensions: Gmeas. 11.2cm

Provenience: Enkomi?



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