Late Cypriote Period (1600-1050 BC)

Cypriote Imitation of Mycenaean ware

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Description: Stirrup vase; imitation of Mycenean LH IIIB type; pink clay with buff slip and dark brown paint; horizontal lines and interlocked Vs; circles on bottom.

Date: Late Cypriote IIC or IIIA (1300-1125 BC)

Dimensions: (H)10.1cm.; (Diam)10.5cm.


Description: Stirrup vase; imitation of Mycenaean LH IIIA2 type; buff clay with light red paint; parallel lines and pattern of Vs.

Date: Late Cypriote IIC (1300-1200 BC)

Dimensions: (H) 7.8cm.; (Diam)10.6cm.

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