Late Cypriote Period (1600-1050 BC)

Base Ring Ware

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Description: Base ring I ware, reddish black, long neck and handle from neck to body, relief bands around neck, body. Globular body, upwards tapering neck that is bent backwards, funnel lip, handle from neck to shoulder, high narrow foot.

Date: Late Cypriote I (1600-1450 BC)

Dimensions: H. 13.6 cm, Diam. 6.6 cm


Description: Base Ring I ware tankard with high handle; buff clay; reddish slip; plain.

Date: Late Cypriote I (1600-1450 BC)

Dimensions: GH. 7.6cm

Provenience: Gift of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection; probably originally part of the Cesnola Collection

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