Middle Cypriote Period (1900-1600 BC)

Red Polished IV Ware

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Description: Small, round jug with short neck, horizontal string handle at neck base. Red polished IV ware.

Date: Middle Cypriote (1900-1600 BC)

Dimensions: GH. 7.8 cm, GDiam. 6.4 cm

Provenience: Gift of Albert Gallatin; formerly in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection; probably originally part of the Cesnola Collection


Description: Rim fragment with raised band with two depressions; Red Polished IV ware

Date: Middle Cypriot I (1900-1800 BC)

Dimensions: GL. 6.7 cm; GW. 4.35 cm; TH. 0.8 cm

Provenience: Ambelikou (area 2)



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