Earliest Prehistory of Cyprus

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Bryn Mawr College has a limited number of objects from the earliest prehistory of Cyprus. The earliest phases of the island's history (Akrotiri phase and the Early Aceramic Neolithic) are not represented in this collection. A single lithic blade from Khirokitia forms the earliest artifact in this collection. The collection does house limited sherds from the Ceramic Neolithic, Chalcolithic and the Philia phases. Please click on each phase for a short historical summary and for images of objects from that phase, if applicable.

Akrotiri Phase - Early Aceramic Neolithic (PPNB)

9500 through Late 8th century BC

*Late Aceramic Neolithic - Khirokitia Culture - 7000-5000 BC

*Ceramic Neolithic - Sotira Culture - 4500-4000 BC

*Chalcolithic Period - Erimi Culture - Early 4th millenium through 2500 BC

*Philia Phase -2500-2350 BC

*The BMC collection has objects from these periods

The map below shows the location of the type site for some of the periods.

Ceramic-Neolithic Information (Sotira culture)


Chalcolithic Information (Erimi culture)


Aceramic Neolithic Information (Khirokitia culture)

Philia phase information (Philia culture)