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Combined Giving Campaign:
Donor Form and Instructions

Bryn Mawr College Combined Giving Campaign
Donor Pledge Form Instructions

Donor Form (PDF)
Printable Word document of Instructions

1. Select an organization or organizations to which you would like to contribute and list your contribution in the appropriate box.

2. If donating by payroll deduction, the amount listed will be deducted from each pay beginning with the first pay in January 2017 and ending the last pay in December 2017. If you are paid monthly, the total donation for the year will be 12 times the amount listed in the “amount of pay deduction” box. If you are paid bi-weekly, the total donation for the year will be 26 times the amount listed in the “amount of pay deduction” box.

3. If donating by check, please make checks payable to the name of the partner organization even if you designate a specific agency within that organization to receive the funds. For example, if you designate the American Heart Association within the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania, the check must be made payable to the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

4. Donations may not be made to individual agencies within the AIDS Fund, Women's Way, or the Bread and Roses Community Fund.

5. Donations may be made directly to EarthShare Pennsylvania or the United Way, or all or part of the donation may be designated for individual agencies within each organization. To make a contribution to an organization as a whole, please list the donation in the first line under the organization name. To designate a contribution to an agency within an organization, please complete the lines (up to 3) under the organization name, listing the name of the designated agency in the first box, the code number in the next box and the amount in the third box.

Still having trouble? Please contact Human Resources at extension 5266 or 5261.

6. Donations made by check will be tax-deductible for the calendar year 2016 and donations made through payroll deduction will be tax-deductible for the calendar year 2017.

7. Please return the Donor Pledge Form with your check or checks (if donating by check) to Human Resources, by Friday, December 2, 2016. Keep a copy for your records.

8. Please call Marty Mastascusa in Human Resources, if you have any questions about completing the form for the Combined Giving Campaign at the College.