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Publicizing Events

Reserve Your Space and Get on the Calendar

The first step when holding a public event is to reserve a space. This is done through Conferences and Events’ online room-reservation system (often referred to as Virtual EMS or just EMS).

In order for your event to show up on the College calendar, you must use one of the following event types when reserving space: Discussion, Lecture, Meeting, Performance, Special Event, Tabling, Video, or Workshop.

Once entered into EMS, an event should display on the College calendar within two business days. If your event does not, contact Conferences and Events. Now that your event is on the calendar, follow the instructions to submit it to the Daily Digest.

Create a Poster and Any Other Print Materials

If you would like a poster and tabletents printed to help you get the word out about your event, consider partnering with us. For details on getting a poster made, go here.