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Additional Outreach

Bryn Mawr still does a good deal of mass communication through email and listservs. For more information, see the College mass email policy.

Reaching out to Haverford:

See the Haverford event promotion page.

To get your event into local media listings:

If your event is open to the public and you want to attract a wide audience, you should contact the free listings sections of local publications.

Here are several that allow you to fill out a web form to have the listing considered for inclusion:

For assistance getting further coverage for your event:

Given the dwindling resources of the news media, there are limited circumstances in which on-campus events would attract coverage by reporters at local or national media outlets. However, if you believe your event is of special interest, please send that information to for help reaching reporters and editors.

College Communications does not do very much post-event "coverage." Occasionally we will send a photographer to an event and post a short blurb to highlight the campus social scene. If, however, you believe your event will help us tell the Bryn Mawr story in a compelling way, send us a note at

Note: College Communications isn't able to cover every story suggested.