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Instagram at Bryn Mawr College

Instagram is a social networking service driven by user-provided content in the form of digitally-filtered photos and videos. Content can be shared seamlessly across other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. Instagram is an active network among current students, prospective students, and younger alumnae (GOLD). Less formal than Facebook or Twitter, Instagram provides a platform to quickly relay brief messages with accompanying visuals.

The College’s goals in using Instagram include:

  • Keeping students, prospective students, and alumnae engaged with the College through day-to-day photos and videos of campus and events.
  • Helping students (future and current) and alumnae/i connect with each other as well as with Bryn Mawr by "regramming."
  • Raising awareness of the College by encouraging its friends to share their enthusiasm for Bryn Mawr with members of their social networks.

Participating in the College’s Social-Media Program Using Instagram

To participate in the College’s social-media program, your official Bryn Mawr-associated Instagram account must meet the following criteria:

  • Shared admin privileges. The College Communications Office will own the Instagram account. The Communications Intern will spearhead the efforts but will communicate and collaborate with other members of the office for guidance and support.
  • Regular maintenance. Because readers expect responsiveness from social media, accounts that are not updated and monitored regularly can cause frustration among fans or followers who feel that they are being ignored. An official social-media account should be monitored daily. New content will be posted to Instagram at least four times a week.


Images on the Instagram account primarily will be drawn from original photos from the College Communications Office and other campus offices as well as regrams of students, alumnae/i, community members, and Banter Bloggers.

Because third-party apps like "Repost" potentially conflicts with user terms and agreements, College Communications reserves the right to engage with any public Instagram account that uses the College’s publicly promoted conversation/content-sharing hashtag “#bmcbanter.” Upon launching the account, this information will be made explicit.

#BMCBanter Policy

  • Photos will be tagged #BMCBanter to engage and support College’s conversation/content-sharing hashtag.
  • The College will only regram images with this hashtag beginning with the launch date of the account.
  • Account bio will explicitly state: “#BMCBanter hashtag indicates a user’s consent to content-sharing by the College.”
  • Informational photon/text post will state: “Photos tagged #BMCBanter may be publicly promoted by the College. Use of #BMCBanter hashtag indicates a user’s consent to content-sharing.”