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Participating in the College's Social Media Program

If you are considering opening a social media account on behalf of an office, department, or program of the College, notify the College Communications office. A representative of Communications will discuss your communications goals with you, offer insight into how social media can and cannot contribute to achieving your goals, and advise you on conceiving and implementing a strategy for social media.

Sharing and relationship-building are at the heart of social media, and associating your office’s social media efforts with the Communications Office’s efforts on behalf of the College as a whole can significantly increase the number of viewers you reach and contribute a great deal to your success.


Benefits of associating and coordinating your social media efforts with the College’s might include, for example:

  • The Bryn Mawr College Facebook page can add your Facebook page to the list of pages it "likes," increasing your page’s visibility to our 6,700+ fans.
  • Bryn Mawr College might follow you on Twitter and add you to one or more of our Twitter lists, increasing your visibility to our 4,200+ followers.
  • Bryn Mawr College regularly shares important or noteworthy posts from associated social media accounts with the College's fans and followers.
  • Web Services will add social media icons linking to your accounts in the Contact Us module on your website. Web Services will not approve the addition of links to unauthorized social media accounts.


To participate in the College’s social media program, your official Bryn Mawr-associated account must meet the following criteria:

1. Shared admin privileges. The College Communications Office must be empowered as an administrator of the account. Contact the Communications Office social media coordinator for instructions to complete this step.
2. Supervision/Accountability. A member of the Bryn Mawr College faculty or staff must be responsible for the account. Student workers may be hired to execute updates, but their work must be supervised by an employee of the College who is responsible for the content of posts.
3. Regular maintenance. Because readers expect responsiveness from social media, accounts that are not updated and monitored regularly can cause frustration among fans or followers who feel that they are being ignored. An official social-media account should be monitored daily. New content should be posted at least once a week.