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Submitting News and Information

Note: For an item to be considered for our weekly newsletters published each Thursday, it must be received no later than noon on Tuesday.

  • Want to get the word out about a new policy, facility update, or program of interest to the campus community?

    Inside Bryn Mawr is the blog used by the Communications Office to report news of specific interest to the campus community. These entries appear in our weekly newsletters to students, faculty, and staff, and on the appropriate portal pages of the College’s website. Send news to be considered for the blog to

  • Have an event that you want to publicize or have covered?

    See our Publicizing Campus Events page.

  • Published a book or article?

    Hot Off the Presses is our blog for faculty publications. These entries appear in our weekly newsletters to students, faculty, and staff. They also appear on the the faculty portal page and on the “About Our Faculty” page of the Provost’s Office. Submissions for this blog can be made here. The Communications staff monitors faculty publications for anything that may be of interest to a more general audience. Faculty are also encouraged to drop us a note at if they want to bring a publication to our attention as being something that may appeal to a more general audience or is “newsworthy” in any way.

  • Spoke at a conference? Received some sort of accolade?

    Not every accomplishment or activity can go on the College’s homepage. But we still want to make sure everyone on campus knows about the great stuff everyone is up to. For that we use Inside Bryn Mawr. These entries also appear in the “Kudos” section of our newsletters to students, faculty members, and staff. Send news to be considered for the blog to We’re only able to recognize accomplishments tied to a person’s Bryn Mawr affiliation.

  • Just published breakthrough research? Know of a student who has won a major award? Are you doing something unique in the classroom?

    Bryn Mawr Now is the blog for you! Really great stories may get pitched to the media prior to the Communications Office doing a complete write up. Also, if someone has already reported on something we want to know about that too. Linking to someone else’s article is just as good as writing our own. Submit details to Bryn Mawr Now articles are featured on the College’s homepage; in our weekly newsletters to faculty, students, and staff; in newsletters to alumnae and parents; and promoted via social media. Note: Communications isn’t able to cover every story suggested for Bryn Mawr Now.