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Acceptable Use Policy

Covers the user of computing equipment owned by Bryn Mawr College and use of the Bryn Mawr College network.

College Cell Phone Policy
As part of the community budget workshop process in early 2009, the College targeted cell phone expenses as an area for cost containment.  This policy clarifies the criteria and the responsibility for covering work-related mobile phone expenses.

Copyright Policy
Provides detailed guidance on the fair use of specific kinds of copyrighted works at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges.

Data Handling Policy
This policy states the guiding principles for information stewardship and a framework for classifying and handling confidential information and applies to all members of the Bryn Mawr College community.

DMCA Policy

Provides information on our procedures for following the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

InCommon Participant Practices

Provides published Participant Operational Practices required by the InCommon Federation.

System Maintenance Policy

Provides details and rationale behind LITS' practice of performing routine system maintenance on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

Web Site Policy
Provides detailed guidance about Bryn Mawr College community members' home pages and student organization's pages.

Web Privacy Policy
Details the steps Bryn Mawr takes to protect user personal information on this website.


If you have questions and concerns or if you feel you have valid educational reasons for certain practices and need advice about interpreting these policies, please contact

Service Guidelines

Computer Replacement
Guidelines for how and when college-owned computers are replaced.

Dorm Networking
Provides information on connecting to the Bryn Mawr netowrk in Residence Halls.

Faculty Loaner Laptops
Information about borrowing of laptops, primarily to support faculty while on leave.

Mass E-mail
How and when to send mass emails to the campus community.

Personal Computer Service
Explains the range of troublshooting and repair services and associated costs for Bryn Mawr College community members.

Remote Assistance
Details a service by which the Help Desk can access your computer remotely to solve problems more quickly.

Server Accounts
Explains the types of accounts that are available for Bryn Mawr College community members.

Server and Workstation Maintenance
Guidelines for how and when college-owned computers get automatic software updates and the timing of campus-wide service maintainance.

Telephone Service in the dorms
Explains the options and limitations of the College's dorm telephone service.