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Residence Hall Networking

Wireless networking is available throughout College residence halls. Though some dorms have Ethernet jacks in the individual rooms, the network switches have been removed and the ports remain inactive.

In order to be connected to the secure wireless network BrynMawrCollege, devices must be able to connect to a WPA2-Enterprise network. Devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise security may connect to BrynMawrGuest, but as BrynMawrGuest is an unsecured wireless network, it is not recommended as a substitute for BrynMawrCollege. BrynMawrGuest also does not allow for all network functions. For more information about BrynMawrGuest, please see our documentation available here.

Wireless devices such as personal routers or wireless printers are not permitted in Bryn Mawr College residence halls. Because these devices do not have the security levels necessary to connect to BrynMawrCollege, they default to BrynMawrGuest, which requires registration. Since these devices cannot access the Network Registration web page, they will not register. The device will then try to create an ad-hoc network for connection, which directly interferes with Bryn Mawr College's wireless network, making other users unable to connect to wireless in surrounding areas. If you have a wireless printer you would like to bring to your residence hall, the wireless capabilities must be fully disabled and the printer must connect to your computer via a wired connection.

Residents and guests must adhere to the College Acceptable Use Policy.

Please call x7440 or e-mail with questions or concerns.