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LITS Laptops for Lending

There are several ways to obtain temporary use of a laptop, depending on your needs and your role in the community.

Canaday Library Laptops

Laptops and a variety of multimedia and audiovisual devices are available for checkout from Canaday Library.These are available to any community member (faculty, staff or student). More information about this program is available at

Faculty/Staff Laptop Pool

If the Canaday Laptop Lending Program does not meet a faculty or staff member's need, a limited number of laptops are available for borrowing under the following circumstances:

  • Faculty members may request a laptop for the purpose of attending a conference, for use during a sabbatical, or in the event that their primary College supplied laptop is being repaired.
  • Staff members may borrow a laptop to carry to a College-sponsored convention or seminar.
  • Loaner laptops may also be requested by community members to do work from home during approved medical leaves or for temporary use as requested by the accessibility office.
  • Administrative offices may request a laptop in order to perform short term tasks requiring a laptop such as an annual inventory process, or facilitating a College sponsored event.

One may request a laptop by filling out this form.

The following are the terms of a Faculty/Staff loan request:

  • The laptop lending pool is limited; loans will be made as laptops are available.  Availabilty is not guaranteed.
  • These laptops do not contain internal optical drives. If you will need an optical drive while using the laptop, they are available for checkout by request or on a first-come, first-served basis at the Canaday Circulation Desk.
  • Please make your request a minimum of 2 business days before you wish to pick up the laptop. An LITS staff member will contact you to confirm your needs and the availability of a laptop.
  • The loaner pool contains both Windows laptops and iPad minis; we will do our best to provide the requested device. In some cases we may be able to offer a device, but not one of the requested type.
  • Faculty and staff members who are in possession of a working, College-owned laptop are not eligible to request a loaner laptop.
  • Laptops and iPads cannot be lent for entertainment purposes; this loaner pool is a limited resource and Academic and College Business uses must take precedence.
  • Loaner laptops are for the use of Bryn Mawr College Faculty and Staff only; loans cannot be made for family members, affiliates, or individuals outside the Bryn Mawr community.
  • Laptops requested for conference, seminar, or off-campus presentation use are typically lent for a two week period.  Sabbatical and medical leave loans can be made for the length of the leave, typically up to one semester, but occasionally up to one year as availability and circumstances dictate.
  • If it is possible to fulfill the need by checking out a laptop from the library, LITS staff may suggest obtaining a laptop from the library program.