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Password Policy

Your College Credentials (username or email address and password) allows you to access to and ensures the protection of the following systems:
  • Access to your computer (it is not recommended you store sensative information on your computer hard drive)
  • Office 365:  Email, calendar, address book, OneDrive online storage, etc.
  • Your network storage drives including your Home Directory (H:), department files (S:, P:), and any shared files to which you may have access for research, centers, projects, or privileged or confidential data
    • Your paycheck.
    • Your grades.
    • Your status with the college and other personal information.
  • Moodle (grades, academic work)
  • Blogs or Web pages which require authentication or where you are an editor
  • Wireless
  • Any other system where you use these credentials

Anyone who has access to your password can access all of these systems, putting you at risk. 

You are legally liable for anything that is done through your account, even if you were not present. Giving people (unintentional) access to your accounts exposes you to the risk of “identity theft”, snooping or taking actions on your behalf.  Use of these and other Bryn Mawr systems and resources falls under the College Acceptable Use and Data Handling Policies

Password Expirations and Required Password Changes

Bryn Mawr College passwords expire semi-annually (180 days from your most recent password change).  When your password expires, you will need to choose a password that you have not used before, and which is significantly different from your previous password; we recommend the use of a passphrase. 

If you believe your password may have been compromised, change it immediately. 

For guidance on good passwords and password safety, see this article.