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Telephone Services

Due to low student usage of the College’s telephone and voice mail system, as of Fall 2006, the college does not provide telephone or voice mail service to the student dorm rooms unless they are specifically requested through the Help Desk.

There are no charges for college provided extensions and voice mail services. Students who choose to take advantage of the college provided services must provide the standard telephone equipment to be used within their dorm rooms. (Cordless phones may not be effective with the density of dorm living.) A student who wishes to receive these services may submit a request for the services by calling the Help Desk to arrange for a telephone pickup.

Students who wish to place long distance, international or toll (including to Philadelphia) calls will need to request a pin number through the Help Desk. This pin number can be used from any campus phone to place off-campus calls. Students will be responsible for any charges incurred through the use of the pin number. Students will be billed monthly (or when total usage reaches a $5 threshold). Monthly charges will be added to student billing produced by the Comptrollers office. All charges are payable to the Comptrollers office.

Most students choose to use personal cell phone services on campus. The college does not provide cell phones for student usage. Each student needs to provide her cell phone number to the Registrar’s Office. And we encourage each student to program the campus emergency number (610-526-7911) into her personal cell phones.

The college provides access to courtesy and emergency phones all over campus. Emergency phones, the yellow call boxes on campus grounds, are placed in strategic locations all over campus. These phones may be used to contact Bryn Mawr College’s Public Safety Department by pressing the Help button. Courtesy phones are located in all campus buildings. They allow access to campus only calls for student usage.