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Procedures for using AudioVisual services

If you need immediate assistance with classroom technology, please follow the instructions posted in the classroom. For most scheduled services, e.g. to borrow a digital camera of Mini DV Camcorder, please send a request to If you are reserving technology as part of an event you are hosting in a Bryn Mawr room, please use the following instructions.

Audio-Visual Equipment -- with a Room Reservation:

When you use the event registration system to reserve a room, you can scroll down and select which technology items you would like set up for that event. Please allow 3 days advance notice to make sure your request can be honored and supported properly. If you have any questions, the Conferences and Events staff (at x5058) can assist you with making your reservation.

Equipment Malfunctions:
Call x7449 if you experience problems with any sound equipment, video equipment or projection equipment to request assistance. If you reach a voice mail greeting, please give the location of the room, the time, what time you are finished using the room and a brief description of the equipment problem.

Video and Audio Production Services

Multimedia Services is able to provide analog video field production and post production service. This service includes storyboard development, editing and custom labels. Multimedia Services is also able to provide analog audio field production along with some digital audio tape production and post production service. Please email to schedule an appointment.

Departmental A/V purchases

Specification and Purchasing:
If you want to buy new or replacement (sound, Video or projection) equipment for your department you should contact Multimedia Services for product specifications, pricing and availability. Multimedia Services will provide you with all the needed information to meet your usage requirements. Once you make the decision to purchase the equipment, give us a purchase order number and Multimedia Services will handle procurement and delivery of the equipment.

Equipment Inventory:
When you receive new equipment please write down the model number, serial number, date of purchase and location where the equipment will be utilized or stored. This information should be given to Multimedia Services for confirmation and inclusion in the master inventory list.

Satellite & MATV Systems:

Every dormitory living room television receives local network programming from ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, UPN and WB networks. Each dormitory living room television also receives DirecTV satellite programming with the exception of Haffner French and Haffner Spanish.

Dormitory rooms in Haffner German/ French/ Spanish, Pembroke East, Pembroke Arch, Rockerfeller and Rhoads have connections for local network programming from ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, UPN and WB networks.

KU Band Satellite programming is accessible in the Language Lab, Guild 102, Taylor B, Taylor C, Taylor D, Taylor E, Thomas 110, Thomas 224, Carpenter B13, B15, B17, B21, B25 and Goodhart Auditorium.