Convocation & Commencement 2017


Friday 12 May and Saturday 13 May

Rain and low temperatures are expected on Friday and will continue through Saturday. Commencement will not be moved or changed. Commencement will take place under the tent on Merion Green. The College will be simulcasting the event in Thomas 110 and in the Campus Center. The event will also be live streamed. Please dress for the weather and help us to celebrate the Class of 2017!

Rehearsal, Convocation and Commencement take place on Merion Green under a tent erected for the weekend.

Return to this page for updates through the weekend.

Click here for Commencement Live-Stream
Streaming will begin on Saturday at 1:20 pm



  • We do expect that all degree candidates will be here for rehearsal, Convocation and Commencement.

  • If you are unable to attend any part of the weekend, please contact the Dean of your respective College or School (Jennifer Walters, Sharon Burgmayer or Darlyne Bailey).


  • Invitations will be mailed to parents or the guest of your choosing at the beginning of April. 

  • Extra invitations will be available from Conferences and Events Office in the Campus Center.


  • NO TICKETS (or invitations) are required for family or friends for Convocation, Commencement or the receptions on Friday and Saturday.  The only exception is any family member or friend requiring seating accommodation. 

  • Seating for Convocation and Commencement is first-come, first-served.

  • Seats CANNOT be reserved by signs, balloons, clothing, etc.  A family member or friend may sit continuously, however, to hold seats. 


  • Announcements are not a requirement but are a method of alerting family and friends who might not be able to attend the weekend ceremony.
  • Typically, families choose to order announcements from Balfour as the College has a history with the company. Bryn Mawr awards an 'A.B.' degree to undergraduate candidates, which is merely 'B.A.' in Latin.


Request for Accommodations

  • If you or one of your guests has a disability and requires accommodation for events during the weekend, you will need to complete a Request for Accommodation Form.  This form will be sent with the second mailing in mid-April.

  • A Request for Accommodation Form for special parking will need to be completed even if the car has handicapped-accessible license plates; demand far exceeds supply for the accessible spaces that currently exist on campus.

  • If sign language interpreters are needed, please let us know by 15 April.


Academic Regalia

  • The College provides cap, gown and hood which will be distributed from the Campus Center during the week of Commencement. 

  • Regalia must be returned Saturday after Commencement to the Campus Center.  There is a hefty fee for regalia not returned ($350).
  • Ph.D. Candidates only:  If you wish to purchase your own regalia, please contact Conferences and Events for more information.  Please let us know if you intend to purchase your own regalia, especially the hood, as that is part of the ceremony (and we want to make sure you get your own hood!). 

Brunch on Commencement Saturday

  • Wyndham will be serving brunch on Saturday by reservation only.  Please contact Wyndham directly at 610-526-5236 to make reservations. 

  • Erdman Dining Hall will be serving brunch as well; reservations are not needed.


  • The College has contracted with Legacy Photographics to take a picture of each degree recipient shaking hands with President Cassidy.  The company will email you with information about how to purchase that picture.  There is no obligation to do so.

  • A “photo zone” will be established on one side of the tent where family and friends can go to take a picture (there is a 2 minute maximum).

  • Family and friends will not be able to come down the center aisle to the front of the stage to take photographs; please let them know.

  • Our Multimedia Services department will be videotaping Convocation and Commencement ceremonies and will offer DVD copies for sale.  The order form will be included in the second mailing in April.

More Information

  • You may contact our office, Conferences and Events, at any time with questions or concerns.  Our phone number is (610) 526-7329 and you can email us at