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Virtual EMS

If you are a member of the Bryn Mawr College community using Virtual EMS, please feel free to call our office with any questions. 

Virtual EMS Instructions: instructvirtems

External Guests

Please contact Conferences and Events at or by phone at (610) 526-7329 for more information.


Tips on Reservations:


If you will need equpiment - including audio/visual, tables, chairs, or a specific setup - please remember to let our office know in advance.


College Catering Policy

If you are interested in catering, make sure to contact us. 

If you wish to bring food in from an outside source, you must first receive permission from Dining Services in the form of a catering waiver.  Once permission is attained, Dining Services will contact our office. 

Please note that all waivers are subject to approval and should be submitted no less than one week prior to the event.

Catering Waiver


If you are unsure of your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our office.  We will be happy to offer consultation and advice!