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Understanding Your Tuition Bill

  • Financial Aid Awards: If the Financial Aid Office has received all required documents for determination of financial aid eligibility, the Statement of Account should show your various grants as credits.  If your financial aid award is reflected only under the heading of "Anticipated Aid" on the Statement of Account, contact the Financial Aid Office to determine what documentation is still required. Your loans will be listed as "Anticipated Aid" until the funds are actually received by the College. You may deduct your anticipated grant and loan amounts from the total amount you pay the College. However if you fail to complete the paperwork necessary for the grants and loans, you will then be responsible for these amounts.
  • Stafford Loans and Plus Loans: The loan proceeds will be credited to your account one half each semester when the loan check is endorsed or the electronic fund transfer payment is received.  Exception: When a student borrows for a single term, the loan funds will be disbursed in two installments during the one term.  Students who borrow from lenders participating in the Keystone Best Program under the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance will receive a disbursement equal to the amount of their loan. For students who borrow from other lenders, the loan funds disbursed to the College may be as much as 4% less than the amount applied for by the student.  Parent’s PLUS loan disbursements may be reduced up to 4% due to fees charged by the bank.
  • Perkins and Bryn Mawr College Loans: The loan proceeds will be credited to the student’s account once the student returns the signed promissory note and completes the entrance interview.
  • Private Loans and Outside Scholarships: The proceeds will be credited to your account one half each semester when the funds are received.
  • Work Study Awards: Students with Work-Study Awards as part of their financial aid package will be paid biweekly for actual hours worked. Because this award requires that a student work to earn the award, it has not been credited to your account and can not be used to pay tuition.
  • Payment Plan: If you have arranged for a monthly payment plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) Payment Plan, one half of your contract amount will show on the bill as a credit.  If you are not signed up for a monthly payment plan but wish to use this option, call TMS at 1-800-722-4867.


  • Payment by check should be in US dollars, on a US bank, payable to Bryn Mawr College. Please do not post date checks as your payment is being mailed directly to a bank lockbox.
  • If you wish to wire funds, please call 610.526.5500 for instructions.
  • Credit cards may not be used to pay tuition or room and board.
  • For payments from outside the United States please use the peerTransfer Education website:  Please click here for instructions.


  • Fall tuition payments are due the first business day of August.
  • Spring tuition payments are due the first business day of January
  • Bills are sent monthly and include a balance forward and any new charges.


If you have a question regarding the Statement of Account, payment arrangements, and or due dates please call Student Financial Services:  Carrise Mangano 610-526-5253 or Trish Rutecki 610-526-5255.