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For Faculty and Staff

The Controller's Office can assist with purchases, reimbursements, payroll issues, and other financial matters that affect faculty and staff.

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Accounts Payable

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Accounts Payable Information

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E-Market online purchasing system information

Per Diem Rates by location (US GSA website)

Per Diem Meals and Incidental Rates breakdown (US GSA Website)

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Credit Card Program Information

GRAM system conversion allocation deadlines email 12/8/14

General Information

Credit Card Policy (you will be redirected to the Expense and Reimbursement Policy)

Designated Allocator and Authorized Signer Information (internal webpage)

Merchant Category Code (MCC) Blocks and Account Code Default Information (internal webpage)

New Account Information

As of October 20, 2014, the issuance of new cards has been temporarily suspended to allow for the implementation of the new credit card system.  Issuance of new cards will resume after the new credit card system is live sometime in late January 2015.  Please check back for updates.

Training Class Schedule 2015 (coming soon!)

Visa Information Management (VIM) General Info - Login/Navigating in VIS/Inbox

Monthly Due Dates

VIM Credit Card Package Due Dates Schedule (updated 12/14)

Generally the due dates are as follows:

11th of the month - Cardholder's prior month signed statement and receipts to allocator.

21st of the month - Allocator process completed and package sent to authorized signer.

25th of the month - Authorized Signer reviews, signs and completed package is sent to Controller’s Office.

Monthly Process Procedures

Monthly Process Flowchart

Cardholder Procedure for Processing Monthly Credit Card Statement

Allocator Procedure for Allocating Monthly Credit Card Statement(s)

Allocator Procedure for Splitting Purchase(s)

Allocator Procedure for Correcting Rejected Transaction(s)

Authorized Signer Procedure for approving monthly credit card packages

Procedure to change the account on Accounts Payable and/or Credit Card expenses

Report Procedures

How to run the "Over Under Spending Limit" Standard Report

How to run the "Cardholder Detail" Standard Report

Credit Card Help

Send an email to with your question

Contact an administrator by phone

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How to view your budgets using BIONIC

Endowment funds

Cash Deposits Information

Managing Cash Deposits

  • Bank deposits are made each day. Payments sent through campus mail should be in a sealed envelope. We do not recommend that you send cash through campus mail. We will not be responsible for lost items.
  • Deposit slips are available at the Controller's Office.
  • For questions about cash deposits please contact the cashier, Pat Serpentine at 5251.

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